Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I've seen so many different blogs around the internet lately, so many of them are involving waitresses ranting about their day to day job, the thing that they do to put money in their pockets, food on the table, and either care for children or get their happy asses through college.

This will be another one of those. I cannot promise much, but I at least hope to be entertaining, if not a bit informative into the mind of a woman on the edge of sanity and playing hop-scotch. (Bad Freak On A Leash reference for us 90's kids.)

I will post a few blogs in the next few days about my job at a Greek restaurant, which I shall call the Greek-Eatery, or Greekery for short. I will not mention my home town, nor will I mention the name of the place in which I work. It is family owned, Mom-and-Pop, and a dying breed. I love it.

I hope that this will be an informative look into my life. I will also add in some other aspects of my life, be it sex love or dating, roommates or just plain rambles.



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