Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do more.

I have been hard at work as the only server at Greekery for the last few months, let's just say it's been about three (with their August break thrown in there.) I vacuum the rug, I scrub down everything with bleach water, I scrub the bathrooms, I wash the windows, I do the dishes, I dry and roll the silverware, I put dishes away, I get drinks, refills... I degrease the walls, degrease the chairs (with horrible industrial strength cleaner, I cut lemons, I get breads, I cash people out (sometimes), I clean out the ashtrays... I pour wine, I run food, I bus tables... EVERYTHING A RESTAURANT WORKER CAN DO!

I'm the only server there, and today Gentleman tells me before cashing out my credit card tips that I need to do more.



He wants me to start making salads and getting pita bread on the grill too.

Now I'm starting to see how some girls only make it a week or two in this place. I admit that I can do more, but if I'm working 11 hours a day at your hole in the wall, and it's 4:30 and I've done all the shit I need to do, cut me some slack please.

I'm only human.


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