Thursday, September 10, 2009


Ever have one of those days?

I couldn't even go home! I mean, seriously... let me have a split shift if we're that slow. I could have gone home, gotten a shower, grabbed a good lunch, taken a nap and been back in time for our dinner rush of all three tables.

I made half of what I normally do today, and that's including lunch and dinner, a double shift from the bowels of Hell. I had three tables for lunch and a total of six for dinner, plus two carry out orders. That's it, for eleven hours.

And to make it worse, I find out today that there is a Greek Festival in my area, so I can look at this weekend and only think about next week... when Motorcycle works a double on Tuesday and Thursday.

Bitch. Stole my Thursday. I love working doubles on Thursday. They are so much fun, slow, but you make a lot of money.

So this week was:

Tuesday: Open 10-5
Wednesday: Open 10-5
Thursday: Double 10-9
Friday: 10-9 (First cut, other girls come in at 5)
Saturday: 10-9 (First cut)

and next week will be...

Wednesday: 10-5
Friday: 5-9
Saturday: 10-9

That's a big difference. I know it'll feel good to sleep in, but it'll also be bad for the fact that I have bills due and no money for them.

Oh well. 11 hours down, 23 more to go!

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  1. We have been strangely slow this week as well. The fall, pretty much after Labor Day we get busy, but it would seem we are experiencing a delayed start of sorts. But, its like your boss says, bone days and meat days, thats a waitress lot in life. Hang in there! God bless.