Sunday, September 20, 2009

Friday Flooding

Our Friday was just as any other. I did a double shift, so I was more than pleased when 5 came around so the other girls would give me something to do. We chitter, play cards, whatever. Tonight it was Boss and Nat. We were rather slow at first, as Friday night normally is. Then around 6 we got a nice rush. Well, Nat and Boss got a rush. I was in the back section, nobody wants that section.

I had one table, a four and a half (baby), and I got their drinks and food. I was getting a refill and mentioned how suddenly my feet were wet. "Who dropped an ice cube?"

Then I looked down and realized... we had sprung a leak Captain! The Pepsi machine had almost literally exploded and water was pouring out onto the tile floor and flooding over to the carpet! I called for Gentleman, who was soon on the phone with everyone he can think of. He calls Abel (who was on his way to the Greekery to eat.)

During this time my table is getting their food and needing drink refills. All with standing water in the kitchen and three people by the drink station (that was turned off!) I was cut and told to go home after I gave my table their check, so I didn't have to clean up that table either.

Oh, they fixed the machine. It works well now! No more leaking all over feet or filling bus tubs up with water.


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