Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weird week...

I worked a double on Thursday, which is the normal for me.

Wednesday and Friday sucked ball sack of a herpes infected billy goat. Thursday was bad up until about 7 P.M., just about the time I count my money and start to roll my eyes. BOOM! Cain comes to visit Lady and Gentleman, and suddenly the place is packed. I have a six top over here, two three tops, three four tops, a handful of two tops, a couple of singles in the bar drinking their weight in Ouzo, and I'm going full speed ahead.

The rush died down and I managed to close up. Gentleman cashed me out at 8:40 and asked how I did. I -had- to recount my money twice. Then again. Just to make sure that I had really made over a hundred dollars.

By far, the -best- day ever at Greekery, here's to so many more of 'em.

P.S. I did pull my rent out of my ass this day.

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  1. Good stuff! Those days are priceless.