Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sinking Ship (A real post!)

Saturday I went into work for a normal, typical double... and found that perhaps I should have called in and stayed in my nice warm bed with the Boyfriend that day. It was tempting to stay there snuggled and not venture out into the cold, but I did anyways.

Boy was I disappointed!

We at the Greekery open at 11:00 A.M. come rain, shine, hell or high water. Gentleman doesn't care if I'm done opening or not. This is never a problem. Nobody comes in until at the earliest 11:30.

Saturday nobody came in until 1:15, and then it was only a three top, and then one of our regulars getting a to-go in the bar. I then set up for dinner. The dinner rush left me with 75 for the entire day, and that doesn't include the stiff I got on a 90 dollar to-go order. Hey buddy, I had to MAKE that order!

I feel like it's a sinking ship right now. Surely it should be better than this, it's uncommonly slow for the fact we are on a very busy street near an insane intersection and everyone rants and raves about how they love the Greekery. Now, if only we could get Gentleman to part with a few of his dollars and advertise.

To make things worse, we are of similiar names with a local haunted house that has started up for the month of October. So we're now getting 5-10 calls a DAY asking us if when we're open, how much we charge to get in, if it's alright for children under a certain age... I even got yelled at because some asshole made a wrong number. Thanks buddy.

Seriously? Do people call 411 and mumble the name? I can't wait for October to be over, because of this shit, and because my anniversary and birthday are in November. I'm too damned old.

So I have tomorrow off too, and other than that we've been slower than slow. I guess more people want Pizza or Mc'Goodies than to come and eat the food I sling. At least I'm still making money, but how I don't know!

In good news, tip percentages have been out of this world. Friday during the day I had a few tables leave me over 50% tips, which I will praise and thank and applaud. Maybe it's not so bad. I just wish I had an Ipod or something to pass the two to three hours I have between tables.

No more high schoolers either, instead now we're getting more and more coming in for a bowl of soup. Lunches are always lower ticket prices, but it's paying my rent and my car payment and my car insurance and my gas and my food and other bills I have... so I'll shut up!

Working 47-52 hours a week sucks balls though. Where does all this money go?


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