Thursday, October 15, 2009

I put the 'Wait' in "Waitress"

Are you *%$#ing kidding me!? 54 on a double on a Thursday? I normally make close to twice that. Thursday is -my- night! I am so mad right now I'm not even thinking straight.

Eleven hours, and at 6 p.m. today (I was there since 10) I had made a whole 14 dollars! Whee, slow down there partner, I need to be able to afford RENT and food and car payment, oh, and me and Boyfriend are going on a long planned out vacation for our anniversary next month.

I can't have days like this at the Greekery, I can't! I refuse to let another day be this bad, if I have to, I'll stand out and wave cars down. Gah... here's to hoping my double on a Friday will be better. I also work Saturday from 10-5, so they cut me out of the best time. GRR! Oh well, here's praying.

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