Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Think of the Waitresses!

We see it everywhere we go, the same waitress there day after day after day, the bags under her eyes getting worse, her body slumping as the bills pile higher and higher, and the children scream at home that they have no milk, and they are moments from being evicted... so the waitress picks up yet another double shift to make ends meet.

Yes boys and girls, you too can feed a starving waitress for just an extra dollar or two a day. It's not much, but to them, it means the world, and it may mean the difference between their lights being on, or them making rent, or feeding themselves.

Won't you think of the poor waitresses, and when you go out to eat, donate a few dollars to their cause, it's noble. For less than a cup of coffee (Starbucks) you could make a difference in a poor waitress's life today.

Do you really think that it's just the poor waitress that has to deal with this problem? No, hardly. It's also a problem facing waiters, garcons, busboys, dishwashers and those that you probably will never see again. It's a daunting fact in this world. So please, next time you grab your favorite burger or sit down to a fancy meal, say a prayer for the waitress and waiter, for the busboy and the pregnant hostess... and leave them a bit extra!

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  1. Lol! Funny, yet touching, and true. So true!! :) God bless.